Giant rubber ducks: floating art in 28 cities

giant rubber ducks

The giant rubber ducks are a series of sculptures of yellow rubber ducks by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman since 2007 and displayed in a number of cities across the globe.

Hofman was born and raised in the Netherlands but trained as an artist in Germany. Most of his art consists of giant versions of everyday objects.

The rubber duck sculptures vary considerably in size. The largest of the sculptures is around 30 meters long (100 feet), making it by far the largest rubber duck ever made.

The sculptures were carefully made with durability in mind as most of them are quite large they must be kept outdoors, exposed to the weather and were also designed so that they can be accessed from the outside for necessary repairs to be made. They were constructed using several layers of plastic fabric and all were stitched by hand. The giant rubber ducks can also be inflated or deflated as needed, particularly in the case of bad weather.

Hofman’s giant rubber duck sculptures have been displayed all over the world. There were 28 cities where the rubber ducks were exhibited, including Sao Paulo, Osaka, Sydney, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Baku, Vancouver, Hong Kong and Macau.

The ducks have been visited by millions of people. It was estimated that over a million people visited the Pittsburgh exhibition.

There has been a popular assumption that the giant rubber ducks are actually one duck, left to float around the world and arrive at different places.

An art exhibition left out in the open where it can be exposed to the elements or people has resulted in some damage to some of them. A giant rubber duck in Taiwan was deflated during the 2013 earthquake. A duck in Pittsburgh was deflated by vandals stabbing it repeatedly with knives.

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