Chupa Chups Logo: Designed by Salvador Dali

chupa chups logo

The Chupa Chups logo is one of the most instantly recognizable brands for adults and children alike across the globe. Most don’t know that the logo was created by Spanish Surrealist artist Salvador Dali.

Chupa Chups have been the go-to lollipop brand of the 20th century. The name comes from the Spanish verb chupar which means ‘to suck’.

The company was originally founded by Enric Bernat as a jam factory called ‘Granja Asturias’ in the early 1950s in Piloña, northwestern Spain and in 1958 went into producing sweets designed specifically for children after noticing that the overwhelming majority are designed for adults and children typically get sticky fingers from eating most popular sweets. The ‘Chupa Chups’ lollipop was a sweet on a wooden stick making it perfect for Children – and their parents.

A key marketing technique Enric Bernat introduced was telling store owners to place his lollipops at the counter – not in the sweets/confectionary area, and place them at a lower height so children can see them – rather than up on top of the counter where the parents will be able to see them and not children.

It was a hit, with Chupa Chups becoming enormously popular across Spain in the 1960s. It was now time to take Chupa Chups global – and with the end of Francoist Spain looming Enric Bernat’s attention turned to the UK, the rest of Europe and the United States of America – and a recognisable Chupa Chups logo was going to be an important part of this if he was to go up against the mega corporations.

Salvator Dali was a surrealist painter hailing from Spain – his first works came at the time of the outbreak of World War 1 and by the 1940s he was one of the most successful Surrealist painters in the world. World War 2 was Dali flee Spain to the United States after escaping into Portugal and sailing to New York City from there. Dali lived in New York and California for a decade, further propelling his fame and embracing the commercial side of producing artwork, creating works for Lavin Chocolate, Braniff International Airlines, as well as a Television Show, works for perfume brands and other advertising. Salvador Dali moved back to Spain in 1948.

Dali was commissioned by Chupa Chups to design a logo for them. The Chupa Chupa logo was launched in 1969, its bright yellow and red color palette attracted the eye of children, while still paying homage of where the business has its roots reflecting the colors of the Spanish flag. An important component – unclear of this was the idea of Dali or Bernat – was to place the logo on the top of the lollipop rather than on the side. The branding was a hit, Chupa Chups expanded globally in the 1970s and have seen the same success as they did decades earlier in Spain.

The Chupa Chups logo by Salvador Dali has not been changed since its creation in 1969.

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